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Buisness Skills for HR Professionals: Financial Literacy


Originally presented: September 5, 2018 

Length: One hour 

Credits: One SHRM PDC and one HRCI Business credit 

Presenter: David Forman



As HR professionals are asked to make increasingly important contributions to the organization, they must be able to speak the language of the business; and that language is money.  Some believe that HR is good with words, but not so good with numbers, especially the financial kind.  This does not mean that HR professionals should become certified accounting experts, but it does mean that HR can and should become more fluent in key financial concepts, be able to read and analyze income statements, look for the story behind the numbers, and be able to ask more informed questions. 

This webcast presents information on key financial concepts and provides practice in reading financial statements.  After participating in this webcast, participants will be able to:

  • Assess your own financial IQ.
  • Describe the definition and distinctions among revenue, profit, cash and assets.
  • Discuss the importance of the value of intangible assets of an organization.
  • Analyze various income statements to determine the story behind the numbers and identifying additional data to gather and questions to ask.

Understanding HR’s Role In A Lawsuit


Originally presented: August 29, 2018 

Length: One hour 

Credits: One SHRM PDC and one HRCI California credit 

Presenter: Nathan T. Jackson



This webinar is meant to help human resources professionals better understand their role in employment-related lawsuits and depositions. Topics will include common mistakes and good practices.

Business Skills for HR Professionals: Business Acumen


Originally presented: July 25, 2018 

Length: One hour 

Credits: One SHRM PDC and one HRCI Business credit 

Presenter: David Forman



According to the Corporate Executive Board, Business Acumen is the most important strategic attribute for HR professionals.  If this quality is not present, HR professionals will be limited in making further contribution, and will continue to be focused just on reactive, functional and tactical activities.  The good news is that business acumen—seeing the bigger picture; understanding customers and the market, recognizing how all aspects of the organization need to work together, and articulating how the organization adds value—can be learned and enhanced.

This webcast presents information, models and tools that can help HR professionals be more business focused.  It improves their understanding of the business issues and challenges that keep business leaders awake and helps them recognize that the business’s agenda is HR’s agenda.  After participating in this webcast, participants will be able to:

• Discuss why business acumen is an essential quality necessary to being recognized as a business leader.

• Describe the importance of aligning HR’s agenda to strategy and business goals.

• Anticipate how external factors might impact the business in the future.

• Use a SWOT analysis to help establish the HR agenda.

Wage and Hour Laws 101


Originally presented: March 6, 2018 

Length: One hour 

Credits: One SHRM PDC and one HRCI CA credit 

Presenter: Melissa Whitehead, 

Partner at Freeman Mathis & Gary, LLP



This seminar will provide a refresher (or introduction to new employers) on wage and hour laws in California, including recent updates and developments. Many of these laws are “gotcha” laws with little to no defense to primarily technical violations. This seminar will help you navigate these tricky waters with more confidence! Topics are selected from some of the most common problem areas seen by outside employment attorneys, and will include, for example: exempt vs. nonexempt; meal and rest period requirements; final pay rules; wage statement requirements; overtime pay rules; and independent contractor vs. employee. 


CA Employment Law Updates For 2018


Originally presented: January 31, 2018 

Length: One hour 
Credits: One SHRM PDC and one HRCI CA credit 

Presenter: Alexandra M. Asterlin, 

Senior Associate at Palmer Kazanjian



The seminar will cover a variety of employment and labor law topics including:

  • Wage and hour updates
  • Employment discrimination and prohibited harassment
  • Leaves of absence
  • Disciplinary action and termination of employment
  • Employment classification
  • Arbitration  
  • PAGA
  • Recent NLRB decisions
  • And more! 


What Does It Mean To Be An HR Business Partner?

Originally presented: September 8, 2017 

Length: Two hours 

Credits: Two SHRM PDCs and two HRCI Business credits

Presenter: Steve Haas, SPHR-CA, SHRM-SCP, 

HR Director for Disability Rights California  



What does it mean to be an HR business partner? Be a business person first. The HR business partner (HRBP) is responsible for aligning business objectives with employees and management in designated business units. The HRBP serves as a consultant to management on human resource-related issues. The successful HRBP acts as an employee champion and change agent. 

This presentation will help you better understand how to be an effective HRBP and will explore core skills HR professionals need to be effective in today's complex business world. 

Basic business principles such as revenue, expense, and ROI, and the role of law and psychology in the HR profession will be covered. Participants will be able to: 

  •  Identify the areas they need to develop in order to become more effective in the HRBP role 
  •  Explore possible resources available to fill those gaps 
  •  List approaches or actions they can implement immediately based on the insight gained from discussions and case studies


Mid-Year Employment Law Update

Originally presented: August 8, 2017 

Length: One hour 

Credits: One SHRM PDC and one HRCI CA credit 

Presenter: Melissa Whitehead, 

Partner at Freeman Mathis & Gary, LLP



This Mid-Year Employment Law Update will cover new employment laws which have come into effect in California as of June 1, 2017 or later, and those still to come into effect before the end of 2017. Included will be a discussion of California’s new “Ban the Box” law regarding use of criminal history information in the hiring process; new requirements/protections for transgender employees (including new bathroom requirements); new wages requirements for temporary employees; new overtime rules for private school teachers; and more.


Planning and Conducting Successful Interviews in Workplace Investigations

Originally presented: June 6, 2017 

Length: One hour 

Credits: One SHRM PDC and one HRCI CA credit 

Presenter: Leslie Ellis and Chelsea Tibbs, 

Ellis Buehler Makus LLP



This presentation will introduce the participants to the theory and the practical skills necessary to interview witnesses when investigating allegations of employee misconduct. Among other things, you will learn how to prepare an interview plan, frame and ask effective questions, interview reluctant witnesses, and obtain relevant evidence. 


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