2020 Volunteer Corner

Calling all SAHRA Members

We have some great volunteer opportunities!

Bryan Hawkins 

SAHRA Secretary& Volunteer Coordinator


Would you like to make a difference?  SAHRA is always looking for volunteers to donate time, energy and experience to make our community and our Association a better place! To volunteer, complete the form at the bottom of this page. Questions? Contact Bryan at bryan.hawkins@stoel.com

Member Services Committee

Membership Committee Goal:  To increase member retention through outreach (calls, social media, emails) & engagement activities.  To respond to analytics; anticipate and compensate for seasonal shifts in membership.

Member Services activities currently performed:

  • Conduct new member orientations
  • Provide engagement activity for mixers
  • Member outreach
  • Newsletter contributions
  • Utilize budget for incentives such as:  referrals, recurring payment, etc.

Member Services activities proposed for 2020:

  • Membership table at each meeting
  • Incentives for: 
    • Referrals
    • Signing up for recurring payments
    • Other   

Professional Development Committee

  • Focus Areas
    • Identifying speaker topics based on membership feedback
      • Surveys
      • Feedback forms at end of each presentation
      • Additional phone follow-up with “influencers” in attendance to get clear and complete info
      • Level of information delivery needed – introductory, expert, implementation tips…
    • Develop “roster” of speakers with diverse topic backgrounds
      • Preview presentation prior to invitation to present to SAHRA members – attend and event where it is presented
      • Rating system that is consistent for use by all volunteers
      • Work with Conference team to get info on best attended/rated sessions and speaker rating info – would we want to invite them back?
    • Establish annual “cascade” of topics
      • Work with Conference team to avoid direct overlap, but maybe springboard on some of these topics
      • Ensure Legal conference topics and annual legal training are not replicated, but possibly expand on well-received / highly engaging topics
      • Ensure that each topic is applicable to various skill levels of HR practitioners as well as being appropriate for varied size and industry workforces
    • Work with staff on rotation of meetings – pre-plan so we can announce a full schedule early
      • Breakfast/lunch meetings
      • Different geographic areas
    • Develop/maintain on-going tracking of meeting results to find trends
      • Location/date/timing of meeting
      • Attendance levels
      • Topic/presenter
      • Feedback from membership
  • Who / How Many / Commitment
    • 2-3 HR practitioners with speaker / presenter connections in the market area
    • Must have ability to assess and communicate speaker skills / style / applicability of information to SAHRA members
    • Must attend quarterly Membership meetings
    • Willing to attend presentations in advance to assess – if rotated through group, likely commitment would be 5-6 hours/quarter
    • Possibly 3-4 hours needed in Oct/Nov to plan following year’s topic cascade

Women's Empowerment Volunteer Opportunities

Women's Empowerment is ending homelessness, one woman and one family at a time! Women's Empowerment relies on the support of SAHRA member volunteers. Click here to learn more about Women's Empowerment, and view the current volunteer opportunities below. 

Job-Seeking-Skills Volunteer Opportunities: As a Job-Seeking-Skills volunteer, you will work through the course curriculum with Session 79 students, under the guidance of our program team.

Action Plans – Tuesday 8/4 - 9:15 am - 10:30 am – 3 Virtual Volunteers Needed

Interested in volunteering? Complete the form below.

Questions? Contact Bryan at bryan.hawkins@stoel.com

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