Code of Ethics
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SAHRA Code of Ethics

What are the standards that a SAHRA members is expected to abide by? This spells out the organization's standards.

The primary purpose of the Sacramento Area Human Resource Association (SAHRA) is to further the professionalism and knowledge of its members. In keeping with that purpose, all members are subject to the following code of ethics:

  • Members will assist the "networking" of chapter members by sharing general knowledge in their areas of expertise, in order to advance the knowledge of all members.
  • Members who make presentations to other members will view this as an opportunity to educate and inform on the topic, rather than as the primary business opportunity. However, materials provided in conjunction with such presentations may contain information concerning the speaker's business interest.
  • Membership in SAHRA may be used by members as an indication of professional qualification, but cannot be used to construe endorsement by SAHRA.
  • Members shall not engage in any business or transaction or shall have a financial or private interest, direct or indirect, which conflicts with the proper discharge of his/her official duties or membership.
  • Members shall not use membership for the purpose of direct or personal business solicitation or promotion. Examples of such include, but are not limited to, promotional materials distribution, personal solicitation of other members or promotion of company wares and services at SAHRA activities. Activities approved by the SAHRA Board of Directors (such as advertising in a SAHRA publication) are not violations of this Code.
  • Members shall not disclose any confidential information concerning the property, finances, negotiations or other sensitive matters of SAHRA to which they may have become privy, nor shall such information be used to advance the financial, business or private interests of any person, unless such disclosure has been authorized by the Board of Directors.
  • Members shall not engage in activities which would serve to bring SAHRA into disrepute.
  • Guests of SAHRA functions shall not be allowed to engage in activities not permitted to the members without the express authorization of the SAHRA Board of Directors. Members are responsible for the conduct of their guests at SAHRA functions.

SAHRA is actively committed to the enforcement of the above Code of Ethics. Any violation may result in immediate revocation of membership privileges as discussed in the Bylaws, Article IV, Sections 4.8 through 4.11.

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